Cayman National suffers Manx bank 'data hack'

An international banking company has confirmed it has "experienced a data hack" in its Isle of Man operations.

Cayman National Corporation (CNC) said its Manx-based bank and trust company were the subject of a "data theft" by a "criminal hacking group" on Sunday.

A spokesman for the firm said there was "no evidence of financial theft or fraud", but a "specialist IT forensic investigation" had begun.

Isle of Man Police said it was investigating the attack.

The island's Information Commissioner's Office has also launched an investigation, while the Financial Services Authority has been notified of the breach. 

The Manx bank and trust company are subsidiaries of CNC, which is based in the Cayman Islands.

The CNC spokesman said it was "confident" the hack was "contained within the Isle of Man operations only" and had not affected its businesses in other territories.

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