Interview Techniques: Presenting Confidence

We are often asked for advice on how best to behave during an interview process. The best advice we can give is to be confident; both with your body language and with your choice of words. We will tackle the issue of body language and what not to do in our next piece, but for now let’s address the language chosen during these key meetings.

Yes, putting yourself out there can be daunting but you must remind yourself that you are there for a reason. You have been chosen to present yourself in the given situation so own it. You know your strengths so communicate them and do so with conviction. Instead of suggesting you “could be” or “think you are” or “would like to be” the right person for the job, rather lose the propositional attitude and state that you are in fact the best suited person for the job. You want to put yourself forward as the right candidate for a successful working relationship. Say you “will” be or you “know you are” the best fit, you are “certain”. They have already chosen to take the time to listen to you so do not merely suggest. This is not arrogance, you are simply imparting your knowledge, expertise and your capabilities to your audience.

Be aware to stay away from negative language, the last thing you want is to leave even a hint of negativity. You are informing them of what you can and will do, rather than what you cannot and what you will be sure not to do. You do not want to say, “I do not have an issue working in a team”, instead “I am happy working both in a team and autonomously”. The sentiment is essentially the same, namely you can work in a team but the impression it leaves is entirely different. Actively portraying yourself in a positive, can-do manner will then also leave the impression of confidence after you have left the room.

To excel at the highest level - or any level, really - you must believe in yourself, and not let your language let you down...

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